Future Health and Wellbeing -Kasvupolku® 2019

Health and wellbeing growth companies, take your business to next level and compete for 1-million-euro funding

Eager to grow your business and find new networks and business opportunities?

Future Health and Wellbeing -Kasvupolku® 2019 accelerates the development, growth and internationalization of life science, health and wellbeing SMEs. If your company is operating in health or wellbeing and you have both true potential as well as desire to grow, this program is for you!

Mikä Kasvupolku®?

Kasvupoluksi kutsutaan Kasvu Openin alue- tai toimialakohtaista tapahtumakokonaisuutta. Kasvupolku käsittää yleensä starttitilaisuuden, kaksi sparrauspäivää eli Kiitorataa sekä semifinaalin, josta kaksi lupaavinta yritystä etenee valtakunnalliseen Kasvu Open -finaaliin. Kiitoradoilla yritykset kohtaavat eri alojen asiantuntijoita eli mylläreitä 45 minuutin mittaisissa luottamuksellisissa tapaamisissa. Tutustu sanastoon ja usein kysyttyihin kysymyksiin.

Lisätietoa Kasvupolusta

What is Future Health and Wellbeing -Kasvupolku®?

Future Health and Wellbeing -Kasvupolku® program is targeted for small and medium sized companies operating in health and wellbeing from pre-care to post-care, as well as digital solutions that can be scaled to health industry. 

If your company is operating in....

A) Health and life sciences: medical imaging and health informatics, customer and service providers interactions, patient’s clinical pathways, digital customer service, education, patient coaching, medical devices, robotics...
B) Wellbeing: digital solutions for rehabilitation, sport as medication, physiotherapy and services for patients that are using for example gamification in their business. 

and you have eager to develop, grow and possibly internationalize your business, Future Health and Wellbeing Kasvupolku offers high quality coaching, networks, visibility and possible business opportunities for you.

What kind of companies partners are looking for and what they can offer for your company?

Hippos2020 / City of Jyväskylä

Hippos2020 is looking for growth companies which operate among...

  1. Optimal performance: solutions for all of us which help us optimize our performance and fulfill our full potential; physical, emotional and mental health.
  2. Digital solutions and usage of data in healthcare and wellbeing
  3. Sport as medication

For growth companies Hippos2020 can offer:

  1. True business opportunities: all the selected companies will get invitation to further negotiation regarding possible co-operation
  2. Valuable networks: with Hippos2020 but also with their partners like CGI and Elisa

Salivirta & Partners

We at Salivirta reckon the healthcare and welfare industry as a complex ecosystem is on the verge of a major transformation – but with inertia for change. Digitalisation is revolutionizing the business logic and the rules of customer value creation. For the past 11 years, Salivirta's mission has been to help our customers succeed: to be smart and efficient and therefore provide citizens with better care and wellbeing. We are constantly keeping an eye for new, innovative companies that would benefit our customers. 

Salivirta's consultants have a long track record of past successes and failures in healthcare and welfare related business. In Kasvu Open, it is our mission to help you avoid the expensive - and sometimes fatal - mistakes we have seen made. We aim to connect promising new businesses with our extensive network of innovative end-customers.


Upgraded is looking for...

open-minded and growth-hungry companies, that are willing to put all line for their development and growth. We hope that these companies have also desire to be part of creating health and wellbeing indusry's ecosystem and that way the whole healthtech know-how. Together we can do so much more!

For growth companies Upgraded can offer...

networks, events, possibilities and contacts for growth and development. In addition to that through our partner network you can get high-guality service regarding for example IPR issues and offers for different kind of events. No good health innovation should be lost due to the lack of knowledge about it!   

Business Kuopio

Business Kuopio is looking for...

scalable health and wellbeing companies that have strong desire to develop and grow and are heading towards international markets. We are especially looking for companies that have solutions regarding activity, selfcare, SelfHealth, prevention, eHealth and optimal human performance.

For growth companies Business Kuopio can offer...

  • Valuable networks: KuopioHealth -network, Kuopio Living Lab, KYS Living Lab, Games for health Finland and Kuopio HealthLab –services
  • Link to the strong health and wellbeing know-how in the area. Also R&D/laboratory services, clinical study / safety services and regulatory services.
  • Interesting events

Central Finland Health Care District
is interested in companies operating among iHealth and Wellbeing. We want to find companies that can offer added value to our own operations and especially to our end customers. Especially digital services for customer service, selfcare and selfhealth as well as different kind of solutions utilizing existing and new data, interest us.

How to get in?

You can apply to the Growth Track by filling our application form here. Remember to apply before 22nd of April 2019. Note that the application form is in Finnish but you can download the questions here in English.
Growth Track jury will read all the applications and select 15-25 growth companies to the program based on their growth potential. Most important criterias are markets, internationalization opportunities, team, business scalability & credibility and how disruptive & unique the business is. After the jury meeting all the applicants will be informed about the selection.

These 15-25 selected companies will get two Runway to Growth Workshops free of charge. In workshops they will meet growth experts who will challenge and encourage the companies growth plans. Kasvu Open growth experts will bring their support and knowledge into companies’ use. The Growth Track offers an opportunity to test your business plans fast and effectively.

Growth Track Schedule

The selected companies will have their growth plans challenged and accelerated in Runway to Growth Workshops which are organized 22nd of May and 5th of June. All the companies will have their growth plans challenged and accelerated in the Workshops. The companies will also have an opportunity to present their growth plan to a great number of experts free of charge and get advices from internationalization, finance, strategy, marketing and sales, management, R&D etc. Each company will meet 10 growth experts in 45 minutes one-on-one meetings during these workshops. In the end of the second Runway to Growth Workshop the Growth Track jury will choose two winner companies which will continue to the national Kasvu Open competition.

”One of the greatest benefits from Kasvu Open was polishing our pitching by utilizing the feedback we received from the growth experts. We also met many interesting growth experts and received some truly valuable tips. During the Kasvu Open process we developed a lot as a company.” tells the founder of Popit Oy, Timo Heikkilä.

Would you like to hear more? Please do not hesitate to contact: 

Growth Track facilitators:

Satu Haka
+358 50 304 8779

Reetta Tehomaa
+358 40 845 1589

Companies taking part in the Growth Track

Companies taking part in the Growth Track are MVision AI OyEmooter OyJoyHaptics OyYEEA Work Oy and Sartar Therapeutics from Helsinki, Vivago OyMedigoo Oy and Xfold Imaging Oy from Espoo, Hapella OyBono Health OyHeart2Save Oy and AUVC tech Oy from Kuopio, Fibion Oy and  Synesa Solutions Oy from Jyväskylä, Monidor Oy from Oulu, Applicado Oy from Lempäälä, 3DTech Oy from Salo, Sportevo Oy from Pori, Superlaiffi Oy from Porvoo and Medified Solutions Oy from Tampere.