Future Health and Wellbeing -Kasvupolku® 2019

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Future Wellbeing and Health -Kasvupolku 2019: Runway to Growth Workshop 1

  • 22.5.2019
    Klo 8-16

    Crazy Town Jyväskylä, Väinönkatu 9

Refined growth plan and new contacts

Future Wellbeing and Health Kasvupolku companies participate their first Runway to Growth Workshop at Jyväskylä. Runway to Growth Workshops are the core action of Kasvu Open. In these days growth ventures get to network with other companies and receive concrete advices for their growth plans and how to execute them. It is recommended that before the workshop companies get to know their growth experts who they will meet during the day. And vice versa we recommend that the growth experts also read the pre-materials which they will receive from the companies so that you recognize the main issues in companies growth plans.

At the beginning of the day every company will give their 3 minute pitch about their business and growth plans. Also all the growth experts will be introduced. After the morning pitching session the meetings starts. During the day every company meets 5 different growth experts in 45 minutes one-on-one meetings. The day ends with shared summary.

In any questions please contact:

Growth Track facilitators:

Satu Haka
+358 50 304 8779

Reetta Tehomaa
+358 40 845 1589


  • 8:00

    Morning coffee and check in

  • 8:30

    Welcome to Runway to Growth Workshop

    Intoduction of companies and growth experts

  • 10:30

    One-to-one meetings starts

  • 12:00


  • 13:00

    Meetings continue

  • 15:15

    Diamond of the day

    Shared summary and afternoon coffee

  • 16:00

    End of the day